D-Ocean SDP

Release Notes

2019 Release Notes


New features

Corporate account

  • Register & edit account
  • User invitation

Corporate Job Option

  • User search with filtering (Job offer or recruiting)
  • Sending a direct message to opted users
  • Notification e-mail for new incoming messages

Tech Guide

  • Add a corporate account section

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug to display a group deletion button
  • Enable scroll bar for entity selection list in export window when selecting a datasource


New features

Entity Search Enhancement

  • Sorting (Date, Like, Comment)
  • Type filtering (Entity, Request, Stream)

English Tech Guide



  • Added English version of user license agreement


New features

Multi-language support

  • User default language
  • Language attribute for entities
  • Language search condition


  • User license agreement
  • Opt-in for D-Ocean marketing contact, work offers and recruitment

Bug fixes

  • Fix opt-in when no option is selected
  • Query error with group name containing white spaces
  • Change default language from "en" to "All" when listing export list


New Features

    • Google Maps Style


    • Build column definition when uploading CSV file with AUTO option
    • Build column definition when importing entity from Google BigQuery
    • List group entities by clicking name from group profile
    • Limit a number of entities to 100 when toggling between list and tile entities
    • Enable Google search indexing on public entities (https://sdp.docean.io/v1/public)

Bug Fixes

    • Enable user & group search icon


New Features

    • Local Timezone : Display timestamps for user's local timezone
    • Object Entity : Register objects such as PDF files as entities
    • Enhanced Profile : User profile enhancement (Top 3 entities, Link, Tag, Intro)
    • Cross Regional BQ Import/Export : BigQuery cross regional import/export
    • Direct Link : Generate direct link to entity details and copy it to clipboard
    • CEAS (Create Entity As Select) : Create a new entity from existing entity by specifying SQL statement

Bug Fixes & Changes

    • Fixing copy icon for IAM user text
    • Fixing entity links embedded in messages
    • Fixing join query between groups
    • Changing session timeout to 24h


New Features

    • Auto detect : Auto detecting column definition of CSV files
    • Violation report : Add a new menu to report violation of data usage
    • User ranking : Calculate a number of hearts per user and show them in ranking page
    • Better notification : Notifies users upon getting hearts, comments, making public and follows

Bug Fixes

    • Better error handling with CSV uploading : Display warnings when entity or column names contain double byte characters with CSV uploads